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Nourish Your Skin From Within

105 minutes – $139

Experience Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, a specialized treatment to soften wrinkles and fine lines, while lifting and toning the muscles of the face. Acupuncture is personalized to treat underlying conditions, leaving your skin nourished from within. Combined with a hydrating facial, using medical grade skin care products, leaving your skin glowing and hydrated. Last but not least, a paraffin dip to warm and moisturize your hands. 

Harvest Your Qi

75 minutes – $119

A unique blend of acupuncture and essential oils to balance your mental/emotional state and to stimulate your immune system.  Treatment includes Rain Drop Therapy, the application of essential oils on the feet and back, and acupuncture to points on the back. This type of acupuncture, “aggressive energy treatment” is meant to release blocks caused by stored emotions. Diagnostic in nature, this treatment indicates where these blocks are being stored in the physical body. Rain Drop Therapy is further personalized to help release these blocks. This treatment will leave you blissed out and balanced!


 Fall Equinox Detox

45 minutes – $109

Combine three powerful detoxification services to have more energy and feel your best. Relax while you soak your feet in an Ionic Foot Bath and have an Ear Acupuncture treatment. Finished with a B12 shot to boost your energy. You will see and feel the toxins leave your body!

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