I barely remembered I had allergies

J.M – Allenspark
“I have lived with severe allergies every spring and summer for most of my life and had to have allergy shots. During my pregnancy this was not an option and I was going crazy from allergies! My doctor suggested acupuncture and I couldn’t believe how much it helped. Within a few weeks I barely remembered I

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I am now back to hiking and enjoying my life

J.R. – Estes Park
“Thanks to Melissa and acupuncture, I have my quality of life back. Her treatment resolved a lower back/hip/hamstring issue that I have had for over 20 years, which another practitioner told me I ‘would have to live with.’ You have to follow the treatment regimen that the practitioner recommends to truly experience the full benefits,

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I no longer have any pain

M.S. – Estes Park
“Nothing worked to heal and take away the pain from my plantar fasciitis. I tried cortisone treatments, special shoes and anti-inflammatory medicine. Some days I could barely walk. Then my neighbor recommended acupuncture. Out of desperation I started treatment. It has been six months now and I no longer have any pain, I can wear

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Acupuncture to relieve my back pain

S.W. – Glen Haven
“I was using acupuncture to relieve my back pain and was pleasantly surprised to find that my headaches and sinus pain I had accepted as part of life had disappeared as well. Thank you!”