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Treatment at Estes Park Acupuncture
At our office, we strive to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We utilize a variety of techniques in this process, including acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, dietary therapy, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle coaching. At your initial visit, we will spend time discussing your health concerns, your health history, your goals, and your expectations from treatment. I will form a diagnosis based on your symptoms and a physical exam, including taking your pulse, and examining your tongue. After determining your diagnosis, I will develop a treatment plan to suit your unique needs. I will encourage you to ask any questions about your treatment so you always feel informed and comfortable with the process.

Acupuncture Treatment
Acupuncture treatment is the insertion of small needles placed in specific points of the body in order to achieve a therapeutic effect. The needles are sterilized and disposable, making acupuncture very safe, as you are the first and last to use each needle. Acupuncture treatment is virtually pain-free, as the needles are so small and are inserted only several millimeters in depth. You may feel instant relief from your symptoms, or it may take a couple of hours to a couple of days before the effects of acupuncture are noticed.

During treatment, you may feel warmth, heaviness, tingling or pressure around the needle or throughout the body. These sensations are normal and desirable. The needles are generally left in 20-30 minutes while you are resting on a comfortable treatment table. Acupuncture induces marked relaxation and some people even fall asleep during treatment. It is very common to experience a feeling of calm and general well-being after treatment—a good indication that the body’s natural healing mechanisms have been activated.

The exact number of treatments needed depends upon the nature of the problem, your health, and how well your body responds to acupuncture treatment. Acute conditions may only require two or four treatments for resolution, while chronic conditions may require more. For most conditions, I recommend that we start with four treatments so that you can truly experience the benefits of acupuncture. Each treatment should give you more relief and improved wellness. If you do not respond satisfactorily to treatment, we will discuss other treatment modalities and I will refer you to other practitioners who I believe can help you.

Herbal Therapy
Chinese Herbal therapy has been practiced safely and effectively for thousands of years. During the course of your treatment, I may recommend herbs as an adjunctive therapy if needed. Our clinic uses only high quality herbs that have been formulated into pills or tinctures, for ease and convenience of ingestion.

Dietary Therapy
We recommend that everyone eat an organic, fresh, and whole food diet as often as possible. We never recommend fad diets, or restrictive diets in general, as these DO NOT work. Rather, we encourage our clients to make healthy food choices on a daily basis. The goal is to help you to find a balanced and authentic way to eat for the long-term.

We also believe that food is a good source of medicine. According to Chinese Medical principles, every food has a specific and unique effect on the body, warming or cooling, tonifying or sedating, and food can be used to help minimize health concerns and enhance your health. Because everyone has different needs, we work with you as an individual and make dietary recommendations based on your body’s needs. For some people certain foods are beneficial, for another person, the same food may have negative effects. I will diagnose imbalances in your body and then recommend specific foods you should eat in abundance, which foods to moderate, and which foods to avoid to provide therapeutic effects in the body and mind.

Nutritional Supplements
At our office, we work only with high quality nutritional supplements to provide you with the best supplements possible. If needed I will make recommendations for supplementation, and I am happy to assist you in sorting out your current supplement plan.

Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching
We often provide lifestyle recommendations to help empower you to make choices that will benefit your sense of health and well-being. We have many resources to help you achieve your goals.

When you receive acupuncture treatments at Estes Park Acupuncture, all other modalities are offered as needed at no additional cost. We also offer herbal consultation, nutritional consultation, and wellness consultations separately if needed or desired.

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